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August 07, 2009


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I think they are beautiful in Black and white..I would leave them alone...let them breath..they are awesome..

Liz Ness

These are sooooo cool! You really are so talented! Love all of the "hidden" treasures within the doodles, too -- AWESOME!


I like the idea of incorporating maybe just one colour into these awesome doodles. I have some permanent coloured markers with fine tips that might work for this kind of thing, but they don't have a huge range of colours. You could also get just bottles of ink and use a fine tip brush?

Roger Whiting

This is very much like the doodle attacks I do to fight boredom in college classes or long meetings. Fun :)

sarah playle

The sketch it amazing! Can I ask what type of Ink it's done in? I'm just starting to try ink drawing.

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