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June 07, 2009


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Brenda M

Glad you worked out the problem. Love your sketches and the finished canvas - she looks fantastic. I gave up on Firefox a long time ago, it kept shutting down on me. I have a Mac and I now use Camino which works for me just great.


I use Firefox on Mac - it's always worked great for me. Netscape was hell. And I LOVE that background.


Nice seeing your sketch book. I use Firefox, love to plugins gives me so much control! never had any problem uploading pictures.


Liz Ness

I'm using Firefox right now -- some sites won't work without it. But, I have Explorer too.

Also, so glad you've posted your work -- can't wait to see where the canvas goes. Loving your drawings, too!


I use Firefox now. I had problems with ie and switched and had no problems with it at all. I like all your images. Interesting to see what the face will look at when it "comes peeking out on the canvas." :)

Cathy (Kate) Johnson

Hi Trish, what a hoot! Nicely done...

I tried to upload photos to Jessica Wesolek's blog yesterday, by her invitation, using both Firefox and IE, and neither one worked...sigh!

miz katie

Oh, funny. I was just going to ask you if you know Cathy Johnson because your sketch of yourself looks like a sketch she did of herself. And, there she is in the comments! So, I guess you know her. Have you seen the sketches she's done of herself? Pretty similar.


thanks for the comments everyone:) Katie, those are sketches of Cathy Johnson, from her sketch I found in her book ;) the small one in the corner of the page turned out lots better than the bigger one did, but yeah, they are her!

miz katie

oooh, i feel silly now!! i thought you were drawing yourself. HA! i thought, my..she really looks like cathy johnson. heehee

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